Domestic abuse impacts the hearts and souls of millions of women and men every day.

It is a gendered crime and statistics show that one in four women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and two women a week are killed by a current or former male partner. Be it your sister, your auntie, grandmother, daughter. It is difficult to understand the barriers that people face in trying to get out.

Whose responsibility is it to break down these barriers? It is ours, all of ours.

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    What People Say

    "Ms Burnet encounters skeptics every time she runs one of these sessions, but she remains an enthusiastic ball of energy for the entire six hours of the training day – despite the often grim subject matter."

    Jess McCabe, Inside Housing

    "Gudrun was an excellent trainer and really demonstrated her passion and how to deal with domestic abuse. Her knowledge and experience was amazing."


    "All level management should avail themselves to this training."

    Lewisham Council

    "Really enjoyed the course and came away with lots of information that will help me. A difficult subject matter that was delivered really well."


    "Enjoyed the training and feel I understand procedures in place now. Gudrun is very good at explaining in depth and answering any questions that were had."


    "I just wanted to say how impressed we have all been with Guddy’s training. The feedback from front line staff has been very positive and is making them think about and challenge how they deal with victims of domestic abuse and the working arrangements within their teams. We were all very impressed with Guddy’s knowledge, passion and experience and also her ability to engage with front line staff."

    Sharon Nandoo, Southern Housing Group

    How I Can Help

    Throughout my career I have forged strong working relationships with individuals across and beyond my sector.

    Therefore I am now in a unique position in which I can offer bespoke training packages and consultancy services to help organisations achieve best-practice in their response to domestic abuse.

    Training & Consultancy