Melbourne and the Royal Commission into Family Violence

9 January 2017

My last stop on what has been a whirlwind of a trip. I have learnt so much my head literally feels at times like it might explode and what a city to leave until last. Victoria is well known for being ahead of the game globally so I was dying to find out what work…

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Sunny Sydney, feels like home and 4 round tables (that’s a record)

4 November 2016

I was met at Sydney airport by family friends of 29 years (thanks Mum). Paul being the man that did cartwheels with me from the age of 6 and I instantly felt at home. Laura Hurstfield is not only a dear family friend but is also a co-ordinator of the Northern Beaches Family Support Service at the…

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Sleepless in Seattle as a result of my cogs whirring!

16 October 2016

So with this blog it is hard to know where to start! I have been desperate to get to Seattle as they have one of the first Housing First programmes for women in the world and they have been evaluated! The Gates Foundation gave Seattle $2,000,000 for a pilot project of 5 years in January 2010…

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Roundtable….. Well more like Conference in Edmonton!

13 October 2016

What a day yesterday was. Up there with one of the best working days of my life. My project plan specified a round table in every place I went….not a conference. Professor Lois Gander and Homeward Trust out did themselves. There were about 50 people from homelessness organisations, shelters, charities for indigenous people, province staff and the…

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Gudrun Burnet
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